Healthcare Co$t $aving$

Bridge 2 Health & Wellness can save you money!  Request to receive information on how.

When you implement the Bridge 2 Health & Wellness program in your business, things will change:

  • We focus on the high risk insured population including family members

  • We offer CDC (Center for Disease Control) Diabetes Prevention Program

  • We offer a program also focuses on other chronic illnesses such as hypertension, depression, cholesterol and obesity.

  • We offer a program that caters to your HIGH RISK insurers.

  • We offer a 24 hour online program, perfect for 2nd & 3rd shifts

  • We make it affordable (less than $2 a week for 26 weeks of classes with online coaching)

  • We offer additional services with one-on-one coaching and food log grading


If you'd like to receive more information or need more questions answered, complete our form below. 


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